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Projects past & present

  • Mobile Internetworking, Distributed Computing

    I've been affiliated with the Daedalus and MASH projects, and am finishing my work under the auspices of the Ninja project. My dissertation topic is A Framework for Heterogeneous Interface Adaptation and its Application to Universal Remote Control, advised by Prof. Randy H. Katz. Some of my current interests include:

  • Music Synthesis

    I worked on a vectorized additive synthesis engine for the T0 vector microprocessor under the supervision of Prof. John Wawrzynek. The work was done in association with folks at CNMAT (the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies), an affiliate research lab of the Berkeley Music department.

  • Network Gaming

    Between grad school and undergrad, I had the pleasure of working on network games. I assisted with design and prototyping of "Strike-A-Match," a game from the coolest company in C'ville, Boxerjam Films & Productions.

    No, we absolutely *never* played network Doom (hey, this was '94) as "research." That would have been wrong.


    My undergraduate work was in VLSI CAD, assisting Prof. Gabriel Robins at the University of Virginia.

  • Security

    A peripheral interest is Network Security and Cryptography. Machines get hacked all the time these days, so preventive maintenance (and knowing how to perform a decent post-op) is pretty crucial.

  • Publications and Technical Reports

  • An Architecture for Secure Wide-Area Service Discovery
    T. D. Hodes, S. Czerwinski, B. Zhao, A. Joseph, R. H. Katz
    ACM Wireless Networks Journal, special issue.
    (to appear) (.ps - 607KB) (.ps.gz - 171KB) (.pdf - 153KB)

  • Flexible Internetworking of Devices and Controls
    M. Munson, T. Hodes, T. Fischer, K. H. Lee, T. Lehman, B. Zhao
    Proceedings of IECON, San Jose, CA, December 1999. ( .ps.gz - 87 KB)
    (IBM TSpaces group invited paper)

  • Composable Ad hoc Location-based Services for Heterogeneous Mobile Clients
    T. D. Hodes, R. H. Katz
    ACM Wireless Networks Journal, Special issue on mobile computing: Selected papers from MobiCom '97
    Vol. 5, No. 5, October 1999, pp. 411-427. ( .ps.gz - 242KB)
    (an updated version of our Mobicom '97 paper)

  • A Document-based Framework for Internet Application Control
    T. Hodes, R. H. Katz
    Proceedings of the Second USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems (USITS '99),
    Boulder, CO, October 1999, pp. 59-70. ( .ps.gz - 75KB)

  • An Architecture for a Secure Service Discovery Service
    S. Czerwinski, B. Zhao, T. Hodes, A. Joseph, R. H. Katz
    Proceedings of The Fifth ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing (MobiCom '99),
    Seattle, WA, August 1999, pp. 24-35. ( .ps.gz - 88KB)

  • An Architecture for Secure, Wide-Area Service Discovery
    T. Hodes, S. Czerwinski, B. Zhao, A. Joseph, R. H. Katz
    ACM Wireless Networks Journal, special issue. (invited, under revision)
    (an updated version of our Mobicom '99 paper)

  • MASH: Enabling Scalable Multipoint Collaboration
    Steven McCanne, Eric Brewer, Randy Katz, Elan Amir, Yatin Chawathe, Todd Hodes, Ketan Mayer-Patel, Suchitra Raman, Cynthia Romer, Angela Schuett, Andrew Swan, Teck-Lee Tung, Tina Wong and Kristin Wright
    ACM Computing Surveys,
    Volume 31, No. 2es, June 1999.

  • Shared Remote Control of a Videoconferencing Application: Motivation, Design, and Implementation
    T. Hodes, M. Newman, S. McCanne, R. H. Katz, J. Landay
    SPIE Multimedia Computing and Networking (MMCN '99),
    San Jose, California, January 1999, pp. 17-28. ( .ps.gz - 296KB)

  • A Network Architecture for Heterogeneous Mobile Computing
    E. Brewer, R. H. Katz, E. Amir, H. Balakrishnan, Y. Chawathe, A. Fox, S. Gribble, T. Hodes, G. Nguyen, V. Padmanabhan, M. Stemm, S. Seshan, and T. Henderson
    IEEE Personal Communications Magazine, Vol 5, No 5, October 1998.

  • Enabling ``Smart Spaces:'' Entity Description and User Interface Generation for a Heterogeneous Component-based Distributed System
    T. D. Hodes, R. H. Katz
    DARPA/NIST Smart Spaces Workshop, (unrefereed position paper)
    Gaithersburg, Maryland, July 1998.
    UC Berkeley Technical Report CSD/98/1008 ( .ps.gz - 54KB)

  • An Active Service Infrastructure for Real-time Conferencing
    Y. Chawathe, A. Schuett, E. Amir, S. Fink, T. Hodes, A. Huang, S. Raman, C. Romer, A. Swan, T. Wong, K. Wright, S. McCanne, R. Katz
    Demonstration in the Proceedings of ACM Multimedia '98,
    Bristol, UK, September 1998. (.ps - 183KB)

  • Composable Ad hoc Mobile Services for Universal Interaction
    T. D. Hodes, R. H. Katz, E. Servan-Schreiber, L. A. Rowe
    Proceedings of The Third ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing (MobiCom '97),
    Budapest, Hungary, September 1997, pp. 1-12. ( .ps.gz - 228KB)
    * Best Student Paper award *

  • The Bay Area Research Wireless Access Network (BARWAN)
    R. H. Katz, E. A. Brewer, E. Amir, H. Balakrishnan, A. Fox, S. Gribble, T. Hodes, D. Jiang, G. T. Nguyen, V. Padmanabhan, M. Stemm.
    Proceedings of the Forty-First IEEE Computer Society International Conference (COMPCON),
    Santa Clara, CA, February 1996, pp. 15-20. ( .ps.gz - 214KB)

  • Music synthesis

  • A Fixed-point Recursive Digital Oscillator for Additive Synthesis of Audio
    T. Hodes, J. Hauser, A. Freed, J. Wawrzynek, D. Wessel
    IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP),
    Phoenix, Arizona, March 1999, Vol. 2, pp. 993-996. (.ps - 138KB) (html - 52KB total)

  • Recursive Oscillators on a Fixed-Point Vector Microprocessor for High Performance Additive Synthesis of Audio
    T. D. Hodes
    MS report, December 1997.
    UC Berkeley Technical Report CSD/98/1007 (html summary)

  • Network Gaming
  • Method of Managing Multi-Player Game Playing Over a Network
    W. Temple W. Fennell Jr., Todd Hodes, Scott Witherell, C. J. Goebel, R. P. Thakkar, T. Schwenk
    Boxerjam Films & Productions, Charlottesville, Virginia
    Patent #5,695,400 (filed 1/96, accepted 12/97)

  • Dynamically-Wiresized Elmore-Based Routing Constructions
    T. D. Hodes, B. A. McCoy, G. Robins
    Proc. IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS '94),
    London, England, May 1994, Volume I, pp. 463-466. ( .ps - 147KB)

  • A Routing Algorithm to Aid in the Design of High-Performance VLSI Circuits
    T. D. Hodes
    Undergraduate Thesis, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1994.
    (Steiner trees in the rectilinear plane under the Elmore metric, with the added idea of allowing resistance/capacitance trade-off via variable wire width.) ( .ps - 208KB, 44 pp.)

  • Selected Unpublished Project Reports
  • "Digital Music Distribution and Audio Watermarking" (.ps.gz)
    Steve Czerwinski, Rich Fromm, Todd Hodes
    UCB IS 219 (Tygar) project report, Spring 1999

  • "Characterization of a Split-C Barnes-Hut Implementation on the CM-5" (html)
    Eric Anderson, Todd Hodes
    UCB CS 258 (Culler) project report, Spring 1995

  • "Characterizing the Mispredicted Branches" (.ps)
    Adam Sah, Todd Hodes
    UCB CS 252 (Patterson) project report, Fall 1994

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